Clay has been used for centuries, and its medical value has been known to Mankind since the stone age.  Romans used it, and JESUS taught how to use it.
Animals in the wild are using it instinctively.
It would take too long to give details about its composition and use. At least, it is very useful to know that clay is very rich in minerals, therefore it is a very good source for demineralized people.
Generally it is its medical value which is just incredible:

Nowadays, despite modern medicine, science, and technology,


Its external use is:
                                   - Antiseptic.
                                   - Pain soothing.
                                   - Heals wounds, burns, cuts, etc.
                                   - Can be used as soap, shampoo, after shave,
                                   -  Even tooth paste if it does not contain sand.
Its  internal use:
                                   - starts moving toxins within the body.
                                   - neutralizes body poisons (endogenous & exogenous).
                                   - purifies the blood.
                                   - increases the amount of red cells in the blood.
                                   - neutralizes viruses and parasites.
                                   - checks toxic fermentations in the intestine.
                                   - neutralizes stomach acidity, and heals ulcers.
If clay can be exposed to the sun, it will radiate its energy  at the place where it is applied, even internally
Those are a few of its main properties, but there are many more.
The main thing is to know how to use it.

INTERNAL USE:     Dilute a level teaspoon of clay powder into a glass of cold water. Let it settle overnight, stir next morning and drink water and clay, first thing in the morning, (on an empty stomach), half an hour before eating anything.
In some cases, it  may induce too strong a reaction because of the toxin movement it triggers, like skin rash, headhache, boils, etc. If youwant to reduce such a reaction, then for the first few days, let it rest for 5 minutes after stirring, till it has settled down in the glass, and drink only the water. Then slowly reduce the 5 minutes waiting period day by day until all the clay can be drunk without discomfort.

Important rule:  Never eat or drink anything oily or greasy in the same time as the clay.
                          The ideal time is 1 hour before breakfast.
A stomach ulcer can heal in a few week's times, using 3 to 4 teaspoonful of clay a day. Fat and oil should be avoided during that period. A virus or a blood parasite can be eliminated the same way.
Internal use of clay is an excellent therapy, which always gives marvelous results. It can be used internally for a very long period, provided it is taken only 3 weeks a month. Some cases may require several spoonfuls a day. This chapter is not to give details about its use, but mainly to inform of its available means of improving health.

EXTERNAL USE:        There are 2 main applications:

 DRY (in powder)  or    WET  (mixed with water).

It is a tonic to the area where it is applied. It rises the Body's healingenergy at the place concerned.

It is better if clay has been exposed for afew hours to the sun. It gives better results, because it absorbs and radiates its energy.
Before going to bed, wrap the clay with fine cotton or silk, and apply on the desired area overnight. By radiating both, it's own and the sun's energy, it increases the regenerating power of the place.
It can be applied this way anywhere necessary to improve the health condition of a place or an organ. E.g., to improve sight in case of sight problems, it can be applied overnight on the eyes.

                     It is good for all open wounds, cuts, burns, boils, infections, etc.
It has to be mixed with water until it has a tooth-paste consistency.  Apply directly on the wound or the place to be treated, (with nothing in-between), covering it completely. It has to be at least 1/2 inch thick. Cover with cabbage leaves or something to avoid drying,as it becomes painful when it dries. You can hold it with a cloth or bandages. It must be renewed at least every 12 hour, and more often if there is pain or infection.
The used clay cannot be re-used, it should be disposed.
It can be used on anything like cuts, burns, wounds, boils, pimples, etc.
Its use is already detailed in several books. I'm not going to write them again.
It would be better to reffer to one of them for further details.

You can find a very good book about Clay and even buy some Clay online (depend where you are) from the following website:

Clay is a wonderful wide ranging medicine.
It is given to us by Mother Nature.
It should not be ignored.

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