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Decoration Stars Decoratives Stars
No need to follow the path of the Buddha to find enlightenment and Divine Light...
Here you can simply buy the lamp !!
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Herbal products

Herbal Natural Products.
List of products

Organic SPIRULINA, sundried in South India.
100gr/packets (powder or chunks). Details and composition.

100 SPIRULINA tablets (500mg each).
20 days at 5 capsules per day. Details and composition.


COCOA beans: 500 gr.   25.oo €.
Our Cocoa beans are Organic, dried by the South Indian sun.
Health benefits of Cocoa: Click here

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VANILLA beans (organic): 10 sticks.   10.oo €.
Our vanilla is Organic, dried by the South Indian sun.

Out of stock at present. Email:>
Himalayas pictures Pictures of the Himalayas.
High definition 10 photos = 10.oo € (thumbnails)
Low definition 10 photos = 5.oo € (thumbnails)
Reflexology Rollers Reflexology rollers
Antiseptic Stone natural after-shaving stone (alun): 7.oo €
More details:   Click To order: (Not available before October)
100% natural, this stone is antiseptic, organic and cheap !
May also be used as an antiseptic for minor wound and scratches and even to remove bad armpit's odors !!
It can be used it for many YEARS, even if used every day...!

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