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This is nature's own method of ridding the body of diseased tissues, excess nutrients, accumulation of waste and toxins.
NOTHING  ELSE will increase elimination through every channel of excretion as will FASTING. It can be called  WATER-DIET  as well, as its basic principle is to drink only water for a certain period. It is the fastest and most efficient way to recover health.

Fasting can cure  ABSOLUTELY  ANY  SICKNESS  no matter how acute or chronic. Although some chronic conditions cannot be eliminated with a single fast: too great and old an accumulation requires fasting for too long. In such a case, several shorter fasts are necessary.
This chapter is too  short to cover such a vast subject as  the science and fine art of fasting. A little knowledge, nevertheless, will help to understand better why it is so efficient.
Once the body is not fed, it has to use its own reserves.  The excess tissue and fat will start to be digested. As there is no food ingested, there is, of course, no more toxin intake.  As the eliminating organs are still working, a thorough cleansing can start, which will be highly efficient, because ALL THE DIGESTIVE ENERGY  will be used to increase the toxins' elimination.
Comparing with a fruit diet in which there is also no toxin intake, as the digestive energy is not used, a fruit diet won't be so efficient.
Therefore, whilst fasting for any amount of  time,  it is important to rest as much as possible. Any wasted energy during a fast will quickly wear out the body's reserves, and reduce its efficiency.
Of course sometimes it is not possible to suspend all physical activities. Then  it is better to have a fast with a minimum activity than do not fast at all.
After 3-4 days fasting,  the hunger will disappear as the stomach shrinks.  The appetite will only  come back when the body runs out of  reserves. This is the sign to break the fast, because it is when starvation starts. Ignoring this sign (e.g., during a hunger strike) can lead to severe damage to the body, even death.
In the beginning stage, the body will be mainly cleaning accumulated toxins.  Then slowly,  as  the  fast  progresses,  the regeneration of impaired organs will begin. The more the  body  is  intoxicated,  the longer  the  fast  will have to last in order to notice a marked improvement.  For instance some sight problems may only improve after 3 to 8 weeks fasting, depending on the case and how old the condition is.
Fasting itself does not require any knowledge,  but breaking the fast does.
That is usually when fasting accidents happen.

After a long period without food, when starting to eat, the appetite is very small. But it may  go out of control  in the following days. If the fast lasted several weeks, the digestive flora will have disappeared, and has to be rebuilt in order to digest solid food. This means, that if someone loses control of a progressive diet (explained later) he could get a blockage in the intestine, and EVEN DIE.
Accidents mostly happen after a fast, rarely during it. To avoid such problems there are a  few basic rules to follow:
Never attempt to fast for more than 2 weeks for the first time.
Except  if  there  is  somebody  to  help to control the beginning of food intake, for a duration that can be called: THE SECURITY PERIOD.
If it is not possible to have someone to help, it is then necessary to limit the fast to 2 weeks. In emergency, it is always possible to fast for 2 weeks, followed by one week of fruit diet, and then two more weeks of fast, etc.
To avoid accidents that security period should be divided in four periods. As follow:
1)Fruit juices. 2) Watery fruits. 3)Fruits. 4) Fruits and raw vegetables.

Then it is possible to start with more solid food like sprouted grains, nuts, etc.

ONE QUARTER of the fast duration
E.g., 16 days =  4days:
                                   1st day:    fruit juices,
                                   2nd day:   watery fruits,
                                   3rd day:   fruits,
                                   4th day:   fruits & veg.

It is better if this period is equivalent to half the fast or even the same time, the longer the better. It will increase greatly the efficiency of the fast. For security reasons it must be minimum of a quarter.
After your first time of fasting, if you handled this period without cracking up or losing control when alone, you can later try a longer fast. But if you have a tendency to lose control and binge, it may be necessary to have someone helping, or to do it in a fasting center.  It is also possible to start with the first 2 weeks alone, and the following weeks in a fasting center so that the fast can be broken safely.
There are no restrictions for a short fast. Old or young people can equally fast. Children (like anybody else) cannot do it against their will, it may be disastrous. For some children it can be  presented as a challenge, they may be proud to show they can do it. Otherwise, when necessary, a fruit or liquid diet will be helpful.
A breast-feeding mother may have to stop fasting, because sometimes fasting reduces the secretion of milk.
Pregnant women can undergo a month fasting without problem for the baby. If  she has any kind of deficiency, it may increase, but without affecting the baby. A long fast will improve greatly the mother's health state, as well as the baby's.  Childbirth will generally be much easier, with fewer of the common pregnancy problems.
Another important fact  to know: if the fast has been too short to eliminate all toxins, the elimination will continue after the fast. Except that this time, the toxins will come out through the eliminating organs instead of being digested from inside.Thus diarrhea, fever, or skin rash, etc., are to be expected.
The most complete book ever published is The Science and Fine Art of Fasting, written by Dr.H.M. Shelton (USA) after more than 35 years of experience with over 15000 people of all ages and walks of life having fasted in his clinic.

At a time when society's health costs go sky high,
it is good to know that:


Fasting is definitely the quickest and most efficient way of recovering health. It is a fundamental and radical method older than any other mode of caring for the sick organism.
It is employed instinctively equally by humans or animals, and  has been so since life was first introduced on earth.

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