Postal money order:

Here are the necessary indications to send
a postal money order to the Post Office in Switzerland:

Name/place: GILLIERON B. CCCP 10-168573-5 1203 GENEVE

From outside Switzerland and bank transfer:

Outside Switzerland: (also for bank transfer)
Nom/lieu: GILLIERON B. IBAN CH86 0900 0000 1016 8573 5
SWISS POST - PostFinance, Nordring 8, 3030 Bern, Switzerland

Other indications that may be usefull:
Code SWIFT / BIC:     P O F I C H B E X X X
Beneficiary Bank:
Swiss Post, PostFinance, Nordring 8, CH-3030 Bern
Clearing number: 09000

You won't need all this numbers,
but some post office may ask you for any of those.

If you order something and pay by post, send me an E-mail about the transaction,
with your accurate address and order details, if you don't want to get any delay...
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