PRANA  is the Sanskrit name for a universal force or energy.
It is also called CHI, or VITAL FORCE.  It is found everywhere in the Nature and the Cosmos.   As  pure  energy  it  drives  the  whole matter, from the growth of plants to the movement of the planets.
Science has not yet, discovered it, because it does not show in a microscope !
Fortunately, it is not necessary to see it to be able to use it.
health is concerned, it is directly from PRANA that  the  body builds  up  its resistance to viruses, healing of wounds and toxin's elimination.
force is found in all kind of food  that is fresh from the garden or picked from the tree (the same day). It is found in spring water, sun rays, and sprouted grains.
Sea-side or mountain air contains a lot as well.
PRANA-THERAPY  is a means of increasing the level of  this force within the body itself. It strengthens  the body's healing and regenerative power, as well as its natural immunity.
To achieve this it is necessary to have Prana rich food in your diet. The more, the better.
It is fresh food containing Prana that builds up our natural health and resistance to bacterias, not the vitamins, proteins or other oligo-elements.
Those are only the material supply for the body cells.
What actually raise our health level is this life contained in fresh food.
In the Nature it is not difficult to find such food. Fruits are on the trees to be picked, and there is no freezer to store them in, eating them lifeless later.
The freezer did more harm to Mankind's health than any bacteria ever did ! It allows us to eat food that is dead, lowering our health level and natural immunity.
Nowadays it has become practically impossible to live the perfect healthy way, i.e., 100 % good.
The only way is to make do with what is available in this "civilization."
Yet it is also true that it is not absolutely necessary to have a 100 % healthy living. The eliminating organs and the body's recovering capacity are incredible.
Junkies and drug addicts are striking examples!

Don't forget:
The further away you are
from a natural healthy life,
the closer you are to your wheelchair !!

The worse your lifestyle is now, the worse you will suffer physically later.
That isREAL PHYSICAL PAIN I'm talking about: rheumatism, migraine, hemorrhoids, sinusitis, asthma, sciatica, etc., can be extremely painful.
The simple fact that a controversy could exist about using euthanasia for people having too much pain, tells a lot about how bad the problem is.
Generally those people are living in conditions that could  hardly be called LIFE !!
WORSE !  People's minds have gone so wrong where health is concerned, that it is considered NORMAL to become handicapped in old age.
Generally people REALLY  BELIEVE   that to become old always involve becoming disabled, crippled or losing memory, etc.


Lets put it straight: the problem is not to be able to live up to 100 or 120 years old (which should be normal). It is to be able to enjoy the whole life-span (no matter how long), without becoming disabled and suffering in the end. Nor ending in a hospital bed or asylum, that is the way with too many people nowadays.
Thus a minimum care is important to avoid accumulating too many toxins responsible for all those problems.
That is wherePRANA-THERAPY comes to help: by raising the vital force of the body, and increasing cleansing and regenerating efficiency. Thus preventing accumulation of toxins and illnesses.
To raise thePRANA level, it is necessary to use elements that contain it as much as possible in the daily habits:
                     Fruits and vegetables that are freshly picked from the garden or tree
                     (must be eaten the same day).
                     All sprouted grains  (because they are still growing on arrival in the mouth !)
                     Once stored or cooked the Prana is killed.
                     Therefore they have to be eaten as fresh and raw as possible.
                              Spring water.
                              Clay exposed to the sun.
                              Sun on the skin (especially in the morning).
                              Sea-side, mountain and forest air.
                              Sand bath on the beach.
The  PRANA-YAMA Yoga is a method of various breathing exercises aimed to improve directly the level of the body's PRANA.
As will the other therapies, raising the level of this force always induces cleansing processes.  Thus several of those reactions have to be expected soon or later such as diarrhea, pimples rash, fever, etc.
How soon those reaction will start is dependent upon the general condition and health level before Prana-Therapy is started.

Which force can improve health recovery faster
than the very force governing it ?

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