If you think what's following is crap, just think about that fact:
I haven't consulted a doctor, taken any medicine nor been ill, not even having a cold in winter for more than 40 years !
I only used my own body ressources to recover and maintain my health.
I think this is good enough to make my point.

If you still believe that because you are not ill, you must be healthy, get ready for a shock.

Sickness is a warning signal, telling you something is wrong with your diet or lifestyle !
The severity of this sickness is directly related to how far you went away from the natural path.

Contrary to comon belief, you don't "CATCH" an illness, you BUILD IT UP, 
because illness is the final state of a long pathological toxin's accumulation in your body.

In 30 years of research and experiment with natural ways to recover health, I collected a notable amount of knowledge among Tibetans, Indian yogis, Rishis and Ayurvedics, but also with Naturopathy, traditional and holistic medicines.
As a result, I could build myself "iron cast immune system,"
and since 1975, I haven't got any illness at all, (not even a cold in winter), and I didn't consult any doctor since then.

Due to an increasing demand from friends and relatives who want to learn from this knowledge,  I eventually put it together and wrote a book titled:

The  hitchhiker's Guide to NATURAL HEALTH.
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