This page is not about a cure,
it explains the controversy dividing scientists about the real causes of AIDS.
It has to be strongly underlined that if one day you discover you have AIDS, as long as you have not taken any chemical medicine, in naturopathy COMPLETE RECOVERY IS GARANTEED.
The more you use chemical medicines, the more your chances of recovery are DIMINISHED !
Sooner or later you will reach a certain point where it will become very difficult, even impossible to cure...

Press and Media have only given us the official point of view about the causes of AIDS. Naturopathe have a much more global approach to the problem and generally agree with the dissidents theories.
More than a hundred of the world's most renowned scientists, doctors and biologists are now joining the dissidents. Together they are demanding that the original theory should be reconsidered, as month after month new facts prove the original theories wrong.

Here are the main points underlined by the dissidents:

What HIV actually causes, is the inflation of some bank accounts...
and a terrible WORLD PANIC.

20 years later the HIV=AIDS theory is still not proven. In July 2002 allready, Alexander Russell offered 100'000 dollar reward (still unclaimed today) for the first person who can prove that HIV causes AIDS.
Have a look at the website:       100'000 dollars reward


Professor DUESBERG, leader of the opposition, is a scientist who is uncompromisingly committed to the truth.
He is an Emeritus Professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of Berkeley. He is a retrovirologist, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, has a Nobel prize for his pioneering work and is in fact one of the foremost virologists in the world.
Duesberg was awarded the NIH's prized "Outstanding Investigator Grant", which is the highest prize a scientist can receive. Only a few people in the world have been awarded with this prize.
There is no questioning Duesberg's scientific credentials and he has systematically, thoroughly and completely demolished the notion that HIV causes AIDS.
Here are some of his quotations:


The psychological factor plays an important role. So important that it can actually create as much as it can cure an illness.
The internal psychosis, created by the thought of AIDS, is in itself capable of messing up the Immune System. Serious research has indicated that the T-cell count diminishes under severe psychological stress.
In other words, the more stress your mind has to handle, the more your Immunity will drop. In fact, it is the case that no psychosomatic illness can exist without mental stress.
The huge media coverage of seriously misleading information about AIDS, has a major part to play in the collapse of the Immune System of those people who believe they have AIDS.

Pushing this a bit further, you can say that you may develop AIDS by reading newspapers... !!


You can get more details and scientific information on the following web sites:

Here are the references of the Prof. Duesberg:

Peter H. Duesberg
Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Born: December 2, 1936
Parents: Mother: Hilde Saettele, M.D. Father: Richard Duesberg, Prof. of Internal Medicine

University of Würzburg, Germany Vordiplom (Chemistry) 1956-1958
University of Basel, Switzerland 1958-1959
University of Munich, Germany Diplom (Chemistry) 1959-1961
University of Frankfurt, Germany Ph.D. (Chemistry) 1961-1963

Research & Professional Experience:
Max-Planck Institute for Virus Research, Tübingen, Germany Postdoctoral Fellow 1963
Dept. of Molecular Biology and Virus Laboratory; University of California at Berkeley Postdoctoral Fellow and Assistant Research Virologist 1964
Assistant Professor in Residence 1968
Assistant Professor 1970
Associate Professor 1971
Professor 1973
Since 1989: Dept. of Molecular & Cell Biology

1969, Merck Award
1971, California Scientist of the Year Award
1981, First Annual American Medical Center Oncology Award
1986, Outstanding Investigator Award, National Institutes of Health
1986, elected to National Academy of Sciences
1986-87, Fogarty Scholar-in-Residence at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
1988, Wissenschaftspreis, Hannover, Germany
1988, Lichtfield Lecturer, Oxford, England
1990, C. J. Watson Lecturer, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, MN
1992, Fisher Distinguished Professor, University of North Texas, Denton, TX
1992, Shaffer Alumni Lecturer, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
1992, Constance Ledward Rollins Lecture, University of New Hampshire, Durham NH, 15. Dec. 1996, Distinguished Speaker, Department of Biology, Univ. Louisville, KY,
  Oct. 17, "AIDS: virus- or drug induced?"; Oct. 18, "The role of aneuploidy in cancer".
1997, January-July: Guest professor of the University of Heidelberg at the Medical School in
  Mannheim (III Med. Klinik, director Prof. R. Hehlmann)
1998, August-December: Guest professor of the University of Heidelberg at the Medical School   in Mannheim (III Med. Klinik, director Prof. R. Hehlmann)
2000, May 6-7 (Pretoria) and July 3-4 (Johannesburg): Member of the International Panel of   Scientists invited by President Thabo Mbeki and the South African Government to discuss the AIDS crisis.
2000, July-December: Guest professor of the University of Heidelberg at the Medical School in
  Mannheim (III Med. Klinik, director Prof. R. Hehlmann).

I will ad as soon as possible some hints about the Holistic approach to the AIDS problem.

I edited a booklet about the controversy.
It contains the basic arguments of the dissidents point of view, and statements from some eminent biologists, scientists, journalists and renowned medical doctors.
There are also reports of some people having recovered from AIDS.

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