Whereas doctors may turn a blind eye to patient's mistakes and weaknesses, Mother Nature does not works that way. Nature can give us everything, but on the sole condition that we obey its rules.
The question is to know if we want (or can) follow them.
That's the catch.
Homo MacDonus
has strayed far from natural life and got lost in the middle of a synthetic and artificial ocean. To get back to our natural state we have to make a serious effort to overcome several difficulties: forget ease, fighting against our Ego, sarcasm from relatives, initial frustration, etc.
But, how frustrating to forget that chocolate cake...!!!

That's the only way toward Health: the result of an effort that nobody can make for us. To make that effort, the official medicine will be of no help, for it is only concerned with sicknesses. Yet it is Health that we are looking for...

O.K., don't ban the official medical science just yet.
We are in a modern violent world, highly accident-prone. To fix bad injuries, medical science is World Champion. Although being traumatic, it is necessary even perhaps vital.
Run over by a truck, your stomach lying out on the road, just you try some Yoga, Reiki or Reflexology...!
Modern medicine definitely deserves a gold medal where accidents are concerned. Yet, a medal in the Health domain seems to be far less merited.
By studying sicknesses too closely, modern medicine has simply forgotten what Health is. Invention of the microscope made science narrow sighted, losing sight of the Whole Body. Yet, to find true Health it is that "Whole"which is important to understand. Illness being a "whole," an organ cannot be ill without the whole organism being concerned.

Modern Science produces the same result as when you try to read a newspaper using a microscope.
You will see the grain, any badly printed dots, paper defects, etc. but you won't be able to understand what the article says. Yet, what is important is not the printing flaws, but what the article is about that actually matters.

Thanks to an astounding advanced technology, science made enormous the wrong direction...!!
If science had made progress in the right direction, hospitals, medicines, pharmacies and illnesses should be DIMINISHING...
In fact, it is quite the opposite:, not only are there more and more, but ilnesses are getting more complicated, worse than ever and harder to cure.... Something went wrong somewhere !

It seems to me that it is rather the medical Business that had made real progress.
Yet, finding true Health in this science, seems to me an utopia. Why utopia? Because of our incorrect attitude, expecting in Science the remedy to all our troubles will bring much disillusion.
It is due to this incorrect attitude that science became such a gigantic business.
Thanks to illnesses, laboratories, doctors, hospitals and millions of people are making such wonderful profits that more people are making a living out of sicknesses than people actually dying from it...
Thus: Cheers ! Long Life to illnesses ! Let's make it fashionable !

Despite more than 100 billion dollars a year spent on medical care in Europe alone, almost everybody gets some illness every now and then. Do you call that Health ?
It is (or should be) the natural state of the human being. If you have lost it, it can only be the result of a personal effort.
Science gives us short term solutions, that have been proven nowadays, to generate long term problems.

Yet what sicknesses are actually cured ?

  • DIABETES ? Daily injected with Insulin, you'll get 25 years of statistical survival with a gradual worsening of the body's condition (circulatory problems, kidney failure, laser therapy, etc.).
  • ASTHMA ? Despite being stuffed up with Atropine or Albuterol enough to become a junkie, you are still suffocating occasionally. Not to mention the permanent anxiety of the next crisis.
  • RHEUMATISM ? 200 million cases in Europe alone. Who's talking about cure ?
  • CIRCULATORY and CARDIAC problems? 2 million deaths a year in Europe alone are a blatant answer...
  • MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS ? ARTHRITIS ? You learn to live WITH (with the help of various accessories !!) but not to get rid of it....
  • AIDS ? Billions have been invested in research. Today hundreds of thousands of people are using AZT. Although some lives were prolonged, none have been saved so far.
    How can you explain that those who actually survive the longest are indeed those who stopped using the official medicines to undergo natural treatment ?
  • CANCER ? It must be a joke ! In 1948 (!), scientists announced they were "about" to discover a "cure." Where are all those "cured people" mentioned in medical reviews ? 85% of cases reoccur within the next 10 years...
Half a century later:
Bruno Meilli, director of the Swiss League for Cancer, publicly said:
Researchers are progressing, but the results are not as miraculous as the media say. We have reached a point where we can hope for some revelation in the years to come. But the road remains long....
Note: he said "in the years to come" and "some revelation" not a cure...!!

Recently, Dr Seymour Brenner pointed out:
In 1950, 50.6 % of people with general cancer died of that cancer.
In 1990, 49.7% of people with general cancer died of it... after having spent more than 40 billion dollars a year in researches, less than 1 % progress... That's what they call "Researches are progressing"...??!

Little mathematics: with 50 years to get 1% progress, you'll need 50 x 100 = 5000 years !!!! to have 100% chance to get cured....
Well, Bruno Meilli didn't say at what speed it is progressing...!! Did he ?

I know, we all have to die someday, you may say.
Sure, why not see life as a hereditary deadly sickness ! You can even call it a sexually transmitted disease...!!
Independently of the actual age we die, isn't it right to die in our bed, quietly, peacefully and without suffering, after a life full of action ?
Even worse: Millions of people are enduring a real HELL at the end of their life. Some with pipes and drains protruding everywhere, some in a wheel-chair or stuffed with pain killers, etc. So much so that relatives or family say after their death "it's better for him" or "that was not a life" or "he does not suffer anymore now", etc. etc. How many times do we hear comments like this?

This will be the case for the vast majority of people nowadays. Almost nobody dies from natural death, that should be by normal progressive wear of our body's organs. The very existence of a polemic about using euthanasia for people who are suffering too much is quite relevant to the seriousness of this problem.

There is more: WHY do we die so young ?
The body is biologically built to last over 120 years. (My God ! institutions paying pensions to old people won't like to read that bit...!) AND it should reach that age WITHOUT becoming crippled at the end !

We have to shake our medical slavery. Illness, suffering, anxiety are too common in this crazy world. They are preventing us from really enjoying life.
They are not a doom cast by a blind God. They are the consequences of our collective madness, aggravated by centuries of life against Nature's laws.
Illness is the final state of a long pathological process of a body's gradual burdening by wastes of all kind: tobacco, pollution, alcohol, coffee, tea, sugar, pesticides, artificial colors, flavors, preserves, etc. etc. The list is endless.
Several early symptoms are showing this burdening: coated tongue, headache, tiredness, loss of suppleness, bad mood, irritability, etc. etc.
Taking these symptoms into consideration allow you to avoid the sickness before it happens !

Health should be the natural state of the organism.

If it is not the case, it will be the result of a personal effort. It will involve changes in your diet and lifestyle, but also some cleansing therapies since illness is due to a body burdening from toxins that have to be eliminated.
In short, acute sickness is a natural process of eliminating various wastes, whereas degenerative or chronic sickness are due to an accumulation of those wastes. As simple as that...
Medical Science does not care about this natural process that is in fact determining the name of the sickness, depending on what kind toxins have to be eliminated and where they are located.

We have to act HERE and NOW ! Too many people criticize our epoch, but too few are actually doing something to make it change.
To change the World, we must start by changing ourselves.
The planet is polluted? That's because WE ARE polluted. If we begin by cleaning ourselves, the World will follow.

Nowadays, it is no more Man which is the product of his environment, but almost the opposite.

After many years spent in the Himalayas, I eliminated BY MYSELF all my major problems.
Now, since 1975, I have never been ill (not even a cold in winter), I haven't been to a doctor nor even taken any medicines.
I guess I reached a satisfactory state of Health, although I don't consider it to be perfect.

In more than 20 years of researchs and experiments, I collected a notable amount of knowledge among Tibetans, Indian yogis, Rishis, Ayurvedics, traditional and holistic medicines.
Due to an ever-increasing demand from friends and relatives who want to learn from this knowledge, I eventually gathered it and wrote this booklet.

I get the feeling that it will be very helpful for those who cannot find a satisfying solution to their problems with official medical science.

I hope you'll find this booklet helpful.


Here is the chapter's list:

    PART 1:
    PART 2:
    PART 3:

    PART Y:

1 - Good health is the natural state of the body.
      Or the result of a PERSONAL EFFORT to restore it if it was lost.
2 - NO SICKNESS CANNOT be cured.
      There are only people not ready to make that effort.
3 - Health cannot be bought or given to anybody.
       It is a state of being that can only be self acquired.
4 - It is NOT BACTERIA that starts sickness.
      It is the BODY CONDITION that makes it can activate.
5 - ARTIFICIAL SUPPRESSION of acute sicknesses,
       is responsible for later  DEGENERATIVE PROBLEMS.
6 -  You don't "CATCH" a sickness,
       you build its condition as the consequences of an inappropriate lifestyle.
7 -  It is impossible to get rid of sickness without removing its cause.
8 -  Believing that a tablet can cure, is to condemn yourself
       to depend on it and to suffer later.
9 -  Someone never sick is in a worse condition than someone
       who is always sick the way most people eat nowadays.
10- Any improvement in the quality of lifestyle
      in an intoxicated organism induces acute sicknesses.
12-  The human body is biologically built to last more than  120 YEARS
       without becoming handicapped at the end.
13-  It is harder to get rid of wrong ideas than it is to get rid of sickness.
14- The further away you are from natural healthy living,
        the closer you are to your WHEEL-CHAIR...

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The hitchhiker's Guide To NATURAL HEALTH.

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