A very important fact was discovered hundred years ago: Any organ or system which is not functioning properly, slowly build signs in the IRIS.
The main point is that this sign shows in the eyes YEARS before an illness is starting.
Thus an IRIDOLOGY DIAGNOSIS  can point to a problem a long time before any clinical pathologic manifestation, by showing a weakness in an organ or in a particular system.

For a century now, iridologist pioneers have made amazingly accurate eye-charts. IRIDOLOGY can sometimes point to a problem as much as 40 years before any other clinical sign.
For instance, in the case of heart trouble, it is a fact that you cannot get a heart attack like you catch a cold. It is a slow degenerative process in which the heart weakens gradually until it reaches its actual failure. The pathologic condition includes congested blood, high blood pressure, etc.
What IRIDOLOGY sees in such a case, is the CONDITION leading to the heart failure that has to be corrected.
A person with a heart weakness at birth, will face much higher a risk of problems than anyone else, if he has a careless diet or lifestyle. This birth defect shows in the eye immediately, yet the heart problem will not happen before the age of 50 or 60, even later in age.
A smoker without a lung weakness at birth, who does not breathe polluted air, may be able to smoke all his life without developing a lung cancer.
It will be very different for someone who was born with a lung weakness. That is why a man could smoke for 50 years without having a cancer, whereas his wife, for example, may develop one without smoking, e.g., the cases of passive smoking cancers (140,000 death a year in Europe...)
IRIDOLOGY sees immediately a lung weakness, whereas the cancer will only show up some20 to 40 years later, depending on how bad the life style.
Thus an Iridology diagnosis points more to the PATHOLOGIC CONDITION  of the organs than to an actual disease.
Because you can aggravate or avoid the problem with a change of diet and life style,  it  is up to you to take necessary action to prevent the problem (with the necessary lifestyle or diet improvement, yoga, etc.).
Thus IRIDOLOGY is very helpful in sickness prevention.
No need to mention that it is easier to prevent than to cure !

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