Sleemy w Ganesh
  About Sleemy:

After many years spent in the Himalayas, I eliminated one by one -by myself- all my chronic  problems: epilepsy, constipation, high blood pressure, haemorrhoids, nerve defects, sight defects, to name but a few.  Worse, I was using different kinds of drugs, such as sleeping pills, alcohol, smoke, you name it...
During more than 25 years ofresearch and experiments, I collected a notable amount  ofknowledge among Tibetans, Indian yogis, Rishis,  Ayurvedics,   traditional and  holistic medicines.
Therefore I could build myself an iron cast immune system.
Now, I haven't been to a doctor nor taken any medicine since 1975 !
I guess I reached a satisfactory state of Health, although I don't consider it to be a perfect one.

Generally  people don't realize what it is to be truly healthy. Mostly people know about artificial Health only. To give an example: I'm living in Asia, where the water has such a bad reputation and bacteria are everywhere.

  • Nevertheless, I can drink water from rivers, lakes, wells, tea-shops, taps, you name it, no matter how unclean without boiling or filtering it.
  • I eat unwashed raw fruits and vegetables every day. That means with bacteria's, amoebas and all this sort of things panicking most tourists.
  • Walking generally barefoot, I get minor cuts nearly once a week. Yet I never use any antiseptic on the wound, even during monsoon. Sometimes I clean it with water (un-boiled...!). But in most cases I don't even clean it.
  • I haven't taken any medicine (even for malaria) since 1975. Yet, I live permanently in countries where THERE  IS Malaria, lots of fevers, bacterias, viruses, etc. (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Ceylon, etc.
  • I don't protect myself against mosquitoes with  nets, coil or sprays. Of course, I do get  lots of mosquito bites.

Yet, for more than 25 years I've never had malaria nor any fever, diarrhoea, dysentery, infection, etc.  Do you think it is just luck ?
Are all those fevers and sicknesses myths?  Certainly not, every year, millions of people die from it in these countries. Why I'm not catching anything
When I ask this question, usually  people say: "it is normal, you have lived in these countries so long that you have built  up a  tolerance to it....
This remark shows how people can be short sighted and wrongly conditioned.
If this was true, then WHY do so many millions of people who were actually BORN in those countries, DIE from those very sicknesses?

If I'm supposed to have developed my immunity just by being in Asia so long, I'd like to have it explained to me
WHY the majority of those who are actually living there for generations don't develop this immunity I have !
After all those years of experiences I found that in fact, the answer is very simple.

Due to an increasing demand from friends and relatives who want to learn from this knowledge, I eventually gathered it and wrote a booklet titled:
The hitchhiker's Guide to NATURAL HEALTH
Have a look at the introduction and its main points:  click here